Wednesday, March 9, 2011

mom i once wanted to live in a recycled shipping container

Brooklyn, New York, is getting a brand new market. But this one is much more than the standard collection of farmers' stands.

The new Dekalb Market in downtown Brooklyn will be built out of recycled shipping containers and other repurposed materials. Artists, chefs, and entrepreneurs will convert the salvaged containers into venues for art, eating, and enterprise. The idea is to make a modular market that can bring more than just consumerism to the neighborhood and in the process revitalize the currently vacant space.

And you can help design it. Today, Urban Space announced the Not Just a Container contest. They're offering free rent for six months to the most creative and innovative idea for one of the 160-square-foot shipping containers. You could envision a farm structure, store, art installation, even a work-sell space. Musicians, consider making an intimate venue in a box. Athletes, think up some activities for the local kids and you could have a start-up on your hands. It's all fair game.

Entries will be judged on design quality, sustainability, community impact, and entrepreneurship. Bonus: GOOD is a media partner for the competition and helping judge the entries. To find out more, click here.

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