Tuesday, December 22, 2009

awesome! i wanna go to Switzerland

Evolver is an elegantly spiraling viewing structure constructed completely from wood that is located next to a clear alpine lake near Zermatt, Switzerland. Designed and built by second year students of the ALICE studio at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, this alpine structure provide a more interactive way to take in the views of the glorious mountains – especially the Matterhorn.

Spiraling a total of 720 degrees around, the Evolver takes visitors through a series of arches that wind up around and down, offering a stunning view of the surrounding scenery. As you walk inside the wooden structure the panorama evolves, rises and falls, opening up new views with each step. In total, 24 round wooden frames make up the bones of Evolver, while wooden slats add structure and support.

Located next to the Lake Stelli at 2536 m (8,320 ft), Evolver serves as both a destination, an activity. and a pavilion for visitors to the Zermatt area looking to take in nature. It is beautifully constructed – a simple building made from a single material. The limited views offered by the structure are not meant to detract from the scenery, but instead help the viewer focus their attention on distinct areas.

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