Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Johann Heinrich Lambert's Farbenpyramide

The astronomer J. Heinrich Lambert made this lil chart in 1772. It is the first three-dimensional colour-system. His work was strongly influenced by the work of Tobias Mayer. But I'm sure you already knew that right Mom?

ryan mrozowski


Andrew Clark (UK Version)

This is the work of an illustrator in London. He is not to be confused with my very talented painter/illustrator friend Andrew Clark of the US. What do you think Mom? 

Jaakko Mattila

Amazing watercolor paintings by Finland-based Jaakko Mattila.

Monday, May 25, 2009

I bought you an apartment for your birthday

this is your new address: Hvitfeldtsgatan 9, Kungshöjd

(I like to look at Swedish real estate websites)

dont worry, I bought myself one too, I believe its close to you, but i dont read swedish

my address is Majorsgatan 3, Linnéstaden. you are going to think my place is too white. but then, you will be there, and you will get it. i love my new apartment.

mission possible

go to the most eastern room of the house.
you will find a painting of my face.
carefully reach behind the painting.
you will find a rather important message.