Saturday, April 25, 2009


MOM YOU HAVE TO GO THIS. and bring your friends.
Rafael and I go way back. He is absolutely beautiful and his photos are amazing!!
His show is at The Clothing Warehouse in Federal Hill.

The Last Two Days (but not really)

MOM- this was written like three weeks ago and I didnt post it. So I'm posting it now.
My life has been so crazy lately what with finishing up school and everything. You prolly won't hear from me for the next two weeks. cause i gotta be all school all the time. and for that reason Ive chosen to blog, instead of deal with school work! yay!

I gotta back up a bit. Tuesday was a pretty great day. As was yesterday.

Tuesday- I worked in the morning then went down to the University of Chicago for my poetry class. We had a field trip there to hang out in their special collections library where we got to handle original drafts of poems and personal letters from poets like Erza Pound, T.S. Eliot, Wallace Stevens, and my two favs H.D. and Marianne Moore. SUPER RAD!

From there I went to the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) they have an exhibit up right now about Buckminster Fuller. BUCKMINSTER FULLER is the love of my life and has been for quite some time now (sometimes I wonder if my love for epcot's spaceship earth at a early age just goes to show that my love for Bucky knows no age. Even before I knew about him, I was drawn to the things he did/inspired) The MCA show is great. Not only was the show amazing there was a lecture given by the director of ARCHITECTURE FOR HUMANITY and the editor of the book DESIGN LIKE YOU GIVE A DAMN. I found this book while browsing Strand Bookstore in NYC a few summers ago. It prompted me to chance my major and transfer to another school. So you can image how excited I was to be surrounded by Bucky things and then be headed to a lecture with KATE STOHR. I mean I just wanted to pee my pants (thats how excited I was, I'm sorry but I don't even have an appropriate description to give you besides "wanting to pee my pants") Design is the ultimate renewable resource! this is also great, an article on Kate Stohr from TREEHUGGER which is alsoooo great. was the redundant? no this is REDUNDANT .

wednesday- first architecture studio since last week's butt kicking midterm critique. It was surprisingly relaxed and productive?

Our department holds "mid-day musing lectures" at least once a week. Yesterday's noon time lecture was given by Andrea Mina. He was fabulous. Let me tell you a little about him:

Andrea Mina is a Professor at RMIT in Australia. He makes teeny tiny models. He uses a jeweler's eyepiece to glue cat and dog hair and shells and other organic objects into miniature architectural forms. He says the purpose of making these tiny models is to learn something about architectural propositions. He believes the model can be an investigative tool. It can become something that asks questions, rather than telling people things. He sees them as "machines for learning about space, investigating thresholds between inside and outside, tools to leverage understanding."

He hopes that viewers of his objects are transported to another plane of reality, if only for a moment. In that way he has created an architecture for the mind, a space for the imagination to reside. This is what he focuses on, making tiny models without architectural plans or conventional conversation. Some might say hes not a "practicing architect."

But, mother, can you really say that Mina's not making architecture just because he is not working towards making actual buildings?

Well Mina's agrument is that architecture does not reside solely in buildings.

He sees the model as the purest expression of the architecture: "the final intended building can easily be dissolved through the design process by the demands of commerce and weather."

Lets get real, architecture is rarely built by an architect. Buildings are built by agents and those different agents actually make the work. He even went so far as to say that people who actually make architecture are graphic designers. They are the ones that propose a building when in fact it could, through their translation, be nothing at all like the original design.

So this is Mina's biggest question, "Where does architecture reside? In the words, dreams, ambitions of architects and clients. In what we choose to see in the bricks and mortar, how we analyze and interpret and understand it."


Sunday, April 12, 2009


MOM. my friend gave me a beautiful plant for my birthday. i think i have killed it. I have researched ways to revive it. and its painful. considering your overly green thumb and my total lack of any. HOWEVER, thanks to technology I may be able to call myself your once daughter again. check this out. EASYBLOOM PLANT SENSOR!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


mom- twitter was down for maintenance today. When the server is down they show this little "Twitter Fail Whale." This artist named Yiying Lu designed it. it's cute, its a nice little design but I dunno that I'd get a tattoo of it. or really think of it throughout my day.


another tat:

this one is my favorite. it really puts the situation into perspective. you think that giant whale is the only one they saved today? no! the sea is full of dying/failing whales. WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!

fail whale in the sand

this is fun to say: fail whale pale ale.

even more fail whales.

fail whale pumpkin.

felt fail whale hanging

fail whale cake. like farewell cake. what if everytime someone got fired they presented them with this cake? fail whale farewell! (im losingggg it)

do you want one of these?

I don't want your car mom, I want this one.

this was just parked outside my house. (where it is currently snowing. i mean come on chicago!) and i thought thats a spunky little ride. good for hauling canvases and party people.

2009 Volvo C30 T5
TOTAL $25,730

but by the time i need to buy a car it will run on rain and smiles. until then i've got the CTA. and i really do love the CTA.

The Tata Nano, the world's cheapest car!

Mom you should buy one of these!

The Tata Nano cost about $1,979 and even though its only 10 ft long it seats five!

"I hope it will provide safe, affordable four-wheel transportation to families who till now have not been able to own a car."

The basic model has no airbags, air conditioning, radio, or power steering. However, more luxurious versions will be available.

Oh, its currently only available in India. NEVERMIND.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

OMG Alexandros Vasmoulakis!!

he reminds me a little bit of ralph steadman, but better? what? did i really just say that? ok, maybe I'm just blinded by lust right now. once again, these images dont do him justice. please go to his website and check out his stuff. so he does this stuff on buildings:


He also does some really different work like this street installation.

and then he does this stuff on paper:

"Devil got my woman Acrylic" on paper 106x151cm

"We hear voices" Acrylic on canvas 80x87cm

"I told my psycoanalyst about you" Acrylic on paper 106x163cm

are you jumping up and down or what mom? i mean, come on, this guy is da bomb. and i just friended him on facebook. cause im a creeper. did you know that about me mom? you have a creeper for a daughter.

Mom, I can not stop listening to Animal Collective

check it out, you can earn some serious art kid street cred right here. animal collective are awesome. they are from maryland also! (two of them went to the park school) their new album is called "merriweather post pavilion"

this is not an official video. i dunno what these girls are doing. this song mentions the preakness, therefore i wanted you to hear it.

Floating Stairs/Jordi Vayreda

I was looking at this photo. And I thought "hey are those floating stairs hiding off to the right?"

indeed they are:

Jordi Vayreda is a designer in Spain, he makes stuff at Jordivayreda Projectteam.

who needs guardrails? Sorry Mom, but if you don't improve your balance you might not be able to visit me in my future home with floating stairs.

Chun Eun Sil

Chun Eun Sil is a Korean illustrator and um he? she? freakkkingggg rockkks. please take some time to get lost in these images (these images are kinda small so make sure you go to the website to see them larger and to check out other work by CHUN EUN SIL):

and mom i think this one is your favorite:

Ron Arad

So Ron is a dude in London. He makes things. He has people that help him make things. He made this:

and he also does this thing called architecture.

Perhaps I will send him a letter some day and ask to become one of those people that help him make things.