Tuesday, March 15, 2011

BYOB- bring your own bike

Yo, MOM.

this place looks so rad. you know how i love my spin class? this place gives you a spin class on your own bike with the addition of nerdy technology.

once there you hook your bike up to "CompuTrainer" its a system with thousands of real racecourse programs, so you get to try out what a charity ride or an ironman bike ride feels like complete with hills, bumps and turns.

I can not waitttt to tryyyyy.

"CompuTrainer™ is an amazing training system that tracks endurance, speed, heart rate and power all while you ride through a virtual terrain displayed on 52-inch Plasma screen monitors.Your own bicycle is required (road bike recommended). We can also provide bicycle storage and discounted bicycle concierge service if you need a tune-up or upgrade. "

Here's some more appetizing information:

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