Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Curious About Electric Vehicles? You Can Now Rent a Tesla for $25

The Daily GOOD

The parked car is making itself useful these days. Just last month, new startup Getaround launched a peer-to-peer marketplace that dramatically reduces the cost of driving by allowing users to rent cars from strangers using an iPhone. While you're sitting at your desk at work, your car can be out earning you money. Or if you're without a car, you can rent one from someone nearby.

"Since the invention of the automobile, we've been conditioned to think that only one person should own and use each car," says Getaround Co-Founder Elliot Kroo. "Getaround is changing that paradigm by enabling people to access a vehicle instead of having to possess one."

Getaround's latest initiative will no doubt attract legions of early adopters: Members can now try out the $108,000 Tesla Roadster for just $25 an hour.

Of course the Tesla (which is owned by a private individual who wants as many people as possible to experience it) isn't the only car available at Getaround. And other companies are jumping in the EV rental bandwagon, too. Hertz started renting out electric Smart cars in December, and just last week, rented out the first Chevy Volt. And Zipcar has been renting out alternative fuel vehicles for years.

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