Tuesday, November 3, 2009

family vaca 2012!!!

the world's first space resort by galactic suite ltd., is set to open to tourists in 2012.
funded by 3billion dollars from an anonymous billionaire space enthusiast, the resort will be
a bio-inspired orbital station. it has been designed to be a modular space habitat structure
with a central-enclosed area where modules will be interconnected to a main docking port.
each of the modules will include a sliding diaphragm window to allow tourists a better view
of the earth.

the spaceship which will transport resort goers via a space tourism spacecraft which will be
designed to carry at least four passengers and two pilot-astronauts into orbit at an altitude
of 400 km, powered by a double hybrid rocket engine.

the journey begins at a spaceport facility located on a tropical island, where you will be able
to relax but also participate in an eight-week astronaut training course. after this is completed,
you will be launched into space on the spaceship to the space resort. on board, you will orbit
the earth at an average speed of 30, 000 km / h, completing 15 orbital rotations per day.
at this speed you will be carried around the world in 90 minutes. every 45 minutes you will be
watching the sunrise and sunset exploring a whole new world of sensory-perceptual experiences
in weightlessness.

to embark on this three-night stay in the space resort and eight-week training course on the
tropical island, this 'out of world experience' will cost you 3 million euros.

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